Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scotty McMillian

This beautiful face belongs to 3 year old Scotty McMillian. Scotty's life was cut short at the hands of his "mother" Jillian Tait and her boyfriend Gary Lee Fallenbaum. 

Reading over the reports on the torture this sweet face angel went through was incredibly hard. Out of all the stories on FOA, I dont know of one where the child was tortured like Scotty was. 

Scotty was tortured for weeks, torture that included beatings with blunt objects, tied to a chair with electrical tape, hung unside down by his feet, several punches to his face and stomach, even his head smashed through a wall. Whats bad is that this sick disgusting couple would laugh as they punished Scotty's little body. Whats worst is Gary's wife Amber, who also lived in the home, seen the abuse and never called the police.

Holes made when Scotty's head was smashed into the wall.

Bent curtain rod believed to be used

Scotty had been abused all week, but by Sunday it had become more violent and by Tuesday, Scotty's body couldnt take anymore. Scotty had been beaten so badly he became unresponsive.  Amber found him dead and called 911, however Jillian and Gary decided their time was better spent going out for pizza and have sex all while her son was dying.

Death bed.
To look at her photo, I felt the angry instantly. What kind of person allows this to happen to their child?  Kudos to the DA who is seeking the dealth penalty. But even so, maybe that is to good for the two of them.

I dont know,.but how ever it has to happen, we want justice for Scotty.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Letter To CPS: Child Abuse Needs To Stop

To Whom This May Concern:

This is my open letter to the state paid workers who swore to protect the children of the world. Just a minute as I get comfortable, this is not going to be anything nice. You social workers go through years of school, trainings etc so you can get a degree and be able to put on your "super" cape and fight off the bad guys aka abusers. However someone where along the lines you begin to use your powers meant for good, for evil. You stop caring, you take off your cape.

As the author of this blog, I become attached to these children through their stories of beatings and torture and the one thing a majority of them have in common is the states failure to protect them. One case in particular, Gabriel Fernandez. If CPS is called 65 times, then that alone should be enough to remove all children from that household. That, I have a problem with. At what point is no longer about the children? At what point do you stop giving a damn? What class was that in your training? My question is simple, are you human?

So how can we fix this? How do we get you back in your "super" cape? You wont like my answer...criminal charges. Not a suspension. Not a paid leave of absence. Nope, criminal charges. If any CPS worker is called because of suspected child abuse or neglect and there are obvious signs of abuse and or neglect and the CPS worker fails to respond accordingly and as a result a child dies, that CPS worker should be charged with child endangerment and serve whatever that charge carries in that state. In my opinion, a CPS worker or 65 CPS workers who ignore signs of abuse are just as guilty as anybody else who witnesses abuse and does nothing. I am looking into getting that law passed.

Child abuse must stop. And if that means making examples out of bad social workers in order for the real super heros to do their jobs then so be it. It is about saving the lives of our children. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes that same village to keep them safe.

B. Marie Austin

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gabriel Fernandez-UPDATE 4/8/16

The last and final fatal beating of Gabriel Fernandez came on May 22nd 2013 at the hands of his "mother" Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre. 

Over the period of eight months, Gabriel was tortured. According to Gabriel's older brother Ezequil, Gabriel would be gagged with a sock, bandana and stuffed into a small cabinet that locked from the outside with handcuffs daily, and the abuse didnt stop there. It was also reported that Gabriel would be beat with bats, a club which knocked his teeth out. He would have pepper spray shot into his face, whippings with the metal part of the belt all at the hands of his "mother" and her boyfriend. 

The abuse caught the attention of teachers and this led to several reports to social workers but unfortunately poor Gabriel was never removed from this house of horrors despite the fact that Pearl was already on their radar after her eldest son suffered a head injury following a car accident a year prior in which he was not in a seat belt. In fact CPS was contacted 65 times. Yes! 65 times! Everytime an incident was reported it was concluded that there was no abuse and no one ever wrote a detailed report. 

On May 22nd 2014 Pearl and Isauro began to kick and punch Gabriel after he didnt want to pick up his toys. It was reported that screams could be heard and then silence. After falling unconscious, Pearl got scared and told Ezequil to tell the police that Gabriel fell and hit his head on a dresser.

After paramedics arrived they found Gabriel unconscious and not breathing. He had a fractured skill and cracked ribs and cigarette burns on his body. On May 24th, Gabriel's fragile little body finally found peace when he passed away as a result of the abuse and neglect he suffered. Xrays would show BB pellets in his lungs and groin. 

The state of California had to admit to letting Gabriel down. As a result of this case, two L.A County social workers and two supervisor we discharged after failing to investigate the abuse reports in the months leading up to his death.  

The state, Pearl, this poor little angel didnt deserve what he got. Everyone who could have stopped it didnt. I dont know what bugs me the most is CPS. Lets spread the word. Lets tell the story of Gabriel and how CPS were called 65 times. 

God bless your soul little Gabriel. May God keep you.

New trial: Next month

Four social workers have been charged with falsifying records and child abuse in their failure to save Gaberiel. Stefanie Rodriguez, Patrica Clement, Kevin Bom and Gregory Merritt have all been charged. If convicted, they could all face 10 years in prison. Last year, following an investigation, all four were fired. Although Merritt successfully challenged his termination and now works for the county in another capacity. 

DCFS first opened a case for Gaberiel October of 2012, six months before he died. Merritt was one of the supervisors who should have known the reports were false. According to reports, the so-called social workers would pretend to go to the home, close cases. There were no documents that Gaberiel was showing signs of escalating physical abuse or that the family had stopped participating in efforts to keep the family together. In short, the system failed poor Gaberiel . They allowed him to remain in a home full of hate and evil. And for that I hope they get the max. Bail for all four was set at $100,000 each. 

They very people who promise to protect you are the very ones that let you doen. I hope to God that justice is served all around. In my opinion, all four of these people were in that bedroom with Pearl and her boyfriend, beating Gaberiel. Because they did nothing to stop it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

UPDATE: Hailey Dunn Found

Hailey Dunn has been found. Last month remains were found in a remote location in West Texas and those remains have been identified as Hailey.

If you recall, Hailey had been missing since December 2010. She was last seen by her mother's boyfriend who reported that Hailey had told him that she was going to her dad's and then to spend the night with a friend, she did neither.

Hailey's body was found about 20 miles from her hometown of Colorado City. Her mother's boyfriend Shawn Adkins had been named as a person of interest in her disappearance, however no charges were filed. Her mother received a 90-day jail term for lying to the cops about Shawn's whereabouts after he was found in her home. Both have denied any involvement in Hailey's disappearance.

There is much speculation about what her mother Billie Dunn and boyfriend Shawn Adkins really know. Apparently since the discovery of Hailey's remains (this discovery) she has decided to turn on Shawn. You would think as soon as he became a person of interest she would have turned on him then, but she had stood right by his side, even through all the potential discoveries that could have been Hailey, it wasn't until this discovery. It is still to early to know for sure what caused the death of this innocent 13 year old, but eventually the story will break and we will know once and for all what monster is to blame for cutting a beautiful life so short.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shaniya Davis:Gone Way To Soon

This is Shaniya Davis. A beautiful little girl, whose life was cut tragically short, this is Shaniya's story.

It was November 10th 2010, Antoinette Davis, Shaniya's "mom", had reported Shaniyah missing. After a week long search, o November 16th, 5 year old Shaniya's body was found and this is where the story gets sick.

Not to long after Shaniya's body was found, her "mother" was charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse. Indicating that she offered her daughter up for prostitution. Who would buy a child? His name is Mario McNeill. Mario McNeill was the last person to see Shaniya alive. He was captured on video surveillance carrying her into a hotel room. When an employee recognized McNeill, they called the authorities, but McNeill had fled with Shaniya before they arrived. McNeill is being charged with the rape, kidnapping and murder of Shaniya and is facing the death penalty if convicted. 

Mario McNeill with Shaniya (left). Antoinette Davis (right)
That surveillance video is hunting. And it tears my heart into pieces. Children are naturally trusting, she had no idea what he was about to do to her all because of her "mother". Who offers their own child any child up to pay for their own drug habit? What kind of monster do you have to be? I hurt for Shaniya's father, I pray that justice will be served. From the arms of a monster, to the arms of our Lord, nobody can hurt you now sweet angel.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kyle Holland: Unfair Justice System

When I last updated Kyle's story back in December, we were all relieved when we heard that Dwayne and Debralynn were going to be charged with his death. And if you read my post you saw were at the end I put finally some justice for Kyle. When that is NOT the case.

I guess it is really no surprise that a judge basically slapped them both on the wrist with such bs sentences. He got 24 months while Debra got 29 months. I say no surprise because this country has a thing for letting baby killers walk (hint: Casey Anthony).

The ones who suffer the most from injustices like these are the families of these little angels. The only closure one can have is knowing that the person(s) responsible for their hurt is getting the pushiment they deserve. But when the system fails to deliver said punishment, then its as though the crime is being committed over and over again. Just the thought of these two monsters being free to walk the streets, just knowing that she is about to give birth again eats me up inside. I cant imagine what the judge was thinking (smoking) when he handed down such weak sentences. I mean what message is this sending to child abusers?

You look at this photo, and into those beautiful big brown eyes and you can imagine the pain, the hurt and the fear he must have felt that day. Is this judge not human? Does he have a heart of stone?

I guess the only comfort is knowing that one punishment will be handed down upon these two non humans. And it will be a punishment unlike none other.  It is unfair what happened. Something needs to be done about this unfair justice system.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MISSING: Ruben Lopez

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is seeking the public's help in finding Ruben Lopez (12) last seen seen at 11:00pm on April 15, 2012 in his family's apartment in the 2400 block of Fair Oaks Boulevard about 11 p.m. Sunday night, said sheriff's Deputy Jason Ramos. He has not been heard from today, Monday April 16, 2012 and is considered at-risk because of his age, Ramos said. Lopez is Hispanic, 5 feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds, Ramos said. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is believed to be wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt, black shorts and black and white tennis shoes.
Anyone with information about Lopez's whereabouts is asked to call the Sheriff's Department at (916) 874-5115.