Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Brianna


This story is one that has stuck with me since I heard about it. This picture is of baby Brianna. See looks like a beautiful sleeping angel. But the reality is this picture has been retouched. The actual photo was taken after she died. She was covered with bruises.

Baby Brianna's story is a story in which she was failed by everyone. Her mother, her father and her uncle. Along with other family members who knew of the abuse and did nothing to protect her. This is Brianna's story.

It will be 9 years this July 19th since the tragic death of baby Brianna. She suffered so much in just the 5 short months she was here on earth.  She was raped and beaten. She was covered from head to toe in bruises. It was reported that her little fingers were lacerated. Massive bruising around her head. The doctors say she had bleeding on her brain both old and new meaning she was abused her entire life.  She had bite marks on her face, cheeks, arms, head, legs, torso and chest. Broken ribs, broken legs and arms, lacerations to her vagina and anus. Before I go on, let's just stop and think about this. Imagine the pain that this precious baby endured everyday in her 5 months of life.

Baby Brianna died on July 19th, 2002. Emergency services were called about a baby who was unresponsive after a fall out of a highchair. Detective Lindell Wright was one of the first officer at the hospital. Wright says when he say her body he thought "I've got a lot to do." Her mother Stephanie Lopez, her father Andy Walters and her uncle Steven Lopez are the three monsters responsible for the death of Brianna.

These accounts are according to court records. The night before on July 18th, Andy decided he was going to stop and get some beer to drink with Stephanie and Steven. Stephanie went to sleep after a couple beers in the same room, leaving Andy and Steven alone with Brianna. So these two dumb f***ks decided it would be fun to throw her up to the ceiling, the only problem is that they forgot to catch her. They allowed her to slam to the floor hitting her head on the ceiling. They say she was crying after this. At about 7 am Brianna needed a diaper changed so what did "daddy" do? He wrapped a baby wipe aroung his finger and insterted it into her backside. Here is the kicker, Stephanie had noticed the brusies on Brianna and when she asked what happen she was told by Andy and Steven they had played a little too rough with her. REALLY, you think? It wasnt until around 10 am when Stephanie called 911. Baby Brianna died at 11:10 am.

Here is the actual photo, the only photo taken of baby Brianna.
It was said that there were no pictures at all of Brianna in the home. Just thinking about the hell that this baby suffered through makes me physically sick. Knowing that a mother could allow this to take place is beyond me. She got 27 years her daughter got 5 months.

In the years following the tragic death of baby Brianna, the community continues to show her honor. Nobody claimed Brianna's body after she died. So the community came together and claimed her. But now there is a problem, the family wants to keep her death quiet. No doubt ashamed that they could have saved her and did nothing! All the people wanted to do is honor her, acknowledge her. Something her family did not do! Her grave has no headstone. It was once open, so people could come and lay flowers, cards etc. But now...

Here is the facebook group in honor of baby Brianna.


  1. This is such a horrible story about Baby Brianna. I heard about her story seven months ago sept 2010. It broke my heart. I cried. Poor baby Girl.. I often think about her and i know now she is loved in heaven. But i still feel anger towards her family that put her through this horrific abuse and pain.. There is no excuss why they did this to her. there jus strait up evil people and they will meet there maker. they will have judgement day.. I do not have any forgiveness in my heart for those monsters.I don't care what any one says, i will not find forgiveness for them monsters.. I always think about baby Brianna screams and crys. that is why i will not forgive...

    *** I do love baby Brianna and will always remember this precious baby Girl***..
    ***R.I.P baby Brianna***
    love you always baby Girl.

  2. i am so saddened by this tragic,horrific story of this beautiful baby girl. since coming across this i have been grief stricken my heart aches that she suffered so much by these evil people there is a heaven and hell and they will definately burn in hell in the next life she is safe now with god and the angels look after her now. i have a 5 months daughter everytime i look at her i am so saddened as to how anyone could hurt such a precious baby given to you by god,make her laugh and when you see her your heart fills with joy not hatred wanting to hurt her i give my daughter extra hugs and kisses praying that brianna feels them too and that around the world she is loved the love she deserved you will be a part of my life and thoughts always my angel brianna xxx

  3. This story about this beautiful little puts me down to the deepest level how can people do this to a little that bearly started her life and sad part is her own family and I hope and prayy that it burnns in there mind about this little princess and hope that she's is the happest baby in heaven iloveyou soo much baby brianna I hope you rest in paridise babygirl :'(

  4. I would just like to inform you, the community that cared about Brianna, that you do not need the permission of the family to purchase and install a headstone for Brianna. Anyone can purchase and have a memorial marker or cenotaph for anyone in any cemetery in America. If you choose to install it in the cemetery where she is buried great but please explore this option with the cemetery she is buried in or one nearby. I am willing to bet that they would not mind donating a spot to erect a memorial monument.

    Oh beautiful baby girl! I wish that you could have been mine! You would have been cherished and loved, rocked and petted over. There is a special place in Hades for those responsible for your death. As a victim of child abuse myself I wish that there was a way to stamp it out but sadly it is and always will be there.

  5. This is most definately one of the most horrific cases i have ever heard/seen..i cant even phathom ever doing that to an innocent child or anyone for that fact of the matter{except the devils who did this to such an innocent baby}..there is NOTHING a child can ever do to deserve the cruel punishment this precious angel received except to be born by those devils{which was not her fault either}..but with that being said..sadly this beautiful little angel had a very short life due to the ignorance of her family..& unfortunately she is now gone but in a much safer place than she was in this cruel world because she is no longer for the devils who did this to her i truely hope EVERY SINGLE DAY of the rest of their lives is as painful/horrific & rotten as the very short life of baby Brianna..may they live to be 100 so they can suffer longer..there is nothing that they can ever do to deserve forgivness from anyone on this planet & beyond..& as her her family putting a cage around her memorial..they should have no rights what so ever due to the fact that they did NOT speak up to save her precious little life..R.I.P. bella Brianna.!! <3 <3

  6. what they did to this precious baby was just absolutly terrifying i cant believe they didnt have a care in the world about this child.she will always be safe now that shes with our mighty god we love you baby brianna.

  7. lots of love to the little baby....she is in the safest hands now. got to know about this story few days back.


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